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ေပ်ာ္စရာ ခရစ္စမတ္ ျဖစ္ပါေစ

Christmas and bloggers :D

don't let the first lady see the following joke :D

zarny and 500 goddesses each side ;)

ဘေလာ့ အသစ္ တခု

some photos from Jap and korean blogs

a very, very nice MTV

စိတ္ဖိစီးမွဳ နဲ ့ သီခ်င္းေရးဆရာ ေကေအတီ (from People magazine)

ကာတြန္းဆရာ Stephff ရဲ ့ လက္ရာမ်ား

have fun!

my post in irrawaddy blog and funny comments, ha ha ha

The SPDC - Than Shwe (Burmese political song)

ဆရာေတြ စာတတ္ဖုိ ့ လုိတယ္ း)

cats and dogs part 1

country style

i don't know!


follow-up post

a joke from Rangoon

joke for irrawaddy blog

tight dress

Waihnin Pwint Thon Speaks for Burma and Political Prisoners at the UK Labour Party Conference


corn in soup

ju ju's talk on RFA tv

my new blog in Eng

a satire writing from Email box